Firefox AutoConfig creation & deployment with CCK2

Mike Kaply recently released a new version of the Firefox Client Customization Kit, CCK2.
Head over to his blog to read all about it!

One cool new feature of the new version is that it can create AutoConfig files.
This allows you to disable the annoying “Import Wizard”, among lots of other options.

Get started by downloading CCK2 and starting it from the Firefox menubar.

Check for details on how to use CCK2.
When you’re done with your config, select “Use AutoConfig” from the “Finish”-tab:

You’ll end up with a ZIP file and a folder in the location you specified:

The ZIP has the same content as the “firefox” folder:

(Your folder’s content may vary depending on which options you set in your config)

Now, to make Firefox use your AutoConfig, we need to move contents of the newly created “firefox” folder into the Firefox binary directory, which is typically


After copying the AutoConfig files it should look something like this:

Now start Firefox and check if your config was activated.Your changes should have taken effect, and the “About Firefox” window should show the name of your config.

When deploying your customized version of Firefox, it might be a smart idea to package the AutoConfig files separately, so you can easily update Firefox without having to integrate your config over and over again.

If you’re using Composer, your AutoConfig package would look similar to this:

Now we can just push a standard copy of Firefox to our clients, drop the configuration package on top, and be done.

Of course you can keep lots of different configuration packages if you have the need for it and just switch between them by uninstalling one and installing the other.

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